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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will take to complete one project?
A. Depends on the size of project. Most of them take three-four weeks.

Q. What's the warranty on automated gates?
A. One year parts & labor.

Q. Are there places that we can see some of your projects?
A. Yes, call or e-mail us for list of projects done in your area.

Q. Do you have references available?
A. Yes, call or e-mail us for a list of satisfied customers.

Q. Do you have a showroom we can visit?
A. Yes, call for appointment, or please stop by during regular business hours. We're easy to get to, located on Rt 22 in Brewster approximately 1 mile north of the junction of Rts. 684 and 84, right next to the A&P Shopping Center. Open Monday-Friday from 8AM - 5PM.