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Automated Gates

We do commercial and residential properties. On most residential gates we use FAAC hydraulic operators (in ground 750; 760 etc, or above ground 400; 422; etc), with high voltage 220V or 115V. We also do slide gates

For Intercom Systems we most likely deal with "Door King" as #1800; #1812 etc. More brands are available by request. Please contact us for further information.


TERMS: We shall schedule two maintenance calls per year to be performed during normal working hours, between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday through Friday. Emergency service is available on weekends and holidays.

    List of Normal Maintenance Procedures:

  1. Inspect, clean or replace electrical contacts, wires and terminals to insure proper electrical continuity.
  2. Check and test safety controls to insure immediate response to mechanical malfunctioning.
  3. Check motor amperage and voltage requirements, per manufactures specifications protecting motor(s) against excessive or low voltage.
  4. Check bearing and motors for visual wear, lubricate as required to minimize overheating.
  5. Check hydraulic fluid lines; bleed hydraulics and add fluids to appropriate levels (disregard if inapplicable).
  6. Check system for leaks.
  7. Check belts and chains; adjust limits for proper gate closure.
  8. Re-tune loop detector for sensitivity.
  9. Check all gate safeties to insure proper operation.
  10. Check programming of entry system (disregard if inapplicable).
  11. Check radio receiver and antenna connections.

Contract holders shall receive priority response time to non-contract calls.